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Our history


Around the year 1884, Gilbert Pierre acquired certain lots of woodlots located along the Nation-Sud River in the fourth concession of Casselman. For several years, some of his children completed the clearing of these lots, making them suitable for cultivation, and finally built a house there. One of the sons, Napoleon, lived permanently on one of these farms, which people called "Ox-bow", because of the marked curve of the river, in the shape of a cattle yoke, or horseshoe. horse, bypassing the farm.

It was one of the latter's daughters, Mélina, with her husband Eugène Drouin, who ensured the continuity of the farm. In 1960, it was the turn of their son Ronald to succeed them. Then, since the early 1980s, Yves and Denis, two members of the next generation, as well as their family, currently operate this vast agricultural enterprise whose current state pays tribute to the efforts of five generations. 

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