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Various activities at
Ferme Drouin

Various animals, several from the farm and other exotics

You will be able to touch and feed the animals (babies or adults) such as our horses, goats, llamas, donkey, birds, and many others, while learning the different characteristics of each one. Animals will only be fed using products provided by Ferme Drouin.


Children can jump on inflatable structures. 

Amusement park, organized games, indoors and/or outdoors

For the more active, we offer a large amusement park with several games such as slides and swings. We also organize games such as cable shooting and several indoor entertainments, which are particularly popular on rainy days.

 Various sports

For sports enthusiasts, many activities can be organized, from volleyball in summer to tubing in winter. Kite enthusiasts are welcome to bring their kites!

Explanations of crops, machinery, as well as the cattle herd

Being a working farm, the explanation of the crops produced, the machinery used, new and antique, and the raising of the cattle herd for consumption, could provide you with a most interesting and rewarding experience.


Horse-drawn carriage rides all year round

Aboard a cart pulled by a tractor or horses, we will take you on a journey through the fields, the forest, and along the banks of the South-Nation River, while entertaining you with the help of various interesting subjects. .

Walking path

Try to imagine a peaceful place where the only sounds around you are those of nature. A path takes you through the forest and makes a stop at the pond. Take advantage of the time to feed the fish!

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